Hygienic litters for cat toilets ” Mafin Premium” are unique properties of absorption of moisture and unpleasant smells. In terms of quality, it can be compared with the best, significantly more expensive imported counterparts. Absolutely safe, does not cause adverse reactions, irritation or allergies. It is made of unique, natural bentonite clay, extracted in the ecologically clean region of Ukraine.  

You can be absolutely calm for your pet, because our litters are completely natural and do not contain harmful substances. Thanks to the latest Swiss technology, Mufin granules have the optimal size and provide:


       We, BENTONITE TECHNOLOGICAL UKRAINE LLC, produce our product from our own raw materials, thanks to the quality characteristics of which, as well as the unique Swiss technology, the high quality and economy of the product is ensured. Here you can find the Technical conditions for the manufacture of our product, as well as the conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Examination.       


      Raw materials for our products are supplied from the unique Ukrainian Maksimovsky deposit of bentonite clays in Vinnytsia region. The uniqueness of our clay is that it mainly consists of the mineral montmorillonite, which absorbs moisture and retain it inside the granules. High quality bentonite with a high content of montmorillonite is also used in the purification of wine, vegetable oil and the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

New Mafin Premium with lavender scent

We have great news for you!
Meet the new Muafin Premium now with lavender scent!

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We are pleased to inform you that from August 8 we are resuming delivery and taking orders through our website.

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«Excellent sand: perfectly lumps, absorbs the smell, the cat liked it right away)»
«We are very glad that Mafin returned to the markets - we bought it before, then it unfortunately disappeared and some dark Mafins of very poor quality appeared. The new Mafin clumps even better and absorbs unpleasant odors - very satisfied!»
Kyiv region
«Great litter! The best in this price category, I have not met: perfectly clumps, keeps odors that do not have dust and lasts 2-3 times longer than any other. Also, the color is good)) It clumps well, keeps the smell, no dust, enough for a long time»
«I bought this litter many times, but then it disappeared. What was my joy when Mafin went on sale again!)) Light, medium granules, perfectly hold the smell, lumps and no dust. We really like it and our cat too!»
«Ordered "to try", now I will definitely take. Previously, they took another well-known brand, which is not cheap (available in every store). The problems were constant - dust in the column, the liquid spread on the tray instead of clumping. On the recommendation tried Mafin Premium. In general, excellent sand. There is no dust at all, the smells have become much less, you do not need to "peel" the wet sand from the tray - everything is fine and easy to throw away.»